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  • Dimitri Peppas

2022 First Div Statistical Guide

The 2022 South Australian First Division Statistical Guide compiled by Dimitri Peppas, is a document containing data between 1903 and 2021, with specific details of the participating clubs in the 2022 National Premier League - SA Competition.

This publication is not an official document of Football SA and is solely attributable to the editor.

This document includes:

- 2022 Participating clubs history & details

- All time honours

- All time results data

- Player, Coach and Referee data

The editor of this document obtained the information from sources listed below with his own research and collation of those documents.

The editor would like to thank those people who have recorded past statistical information and made this information public.

Many thanks to Tony Smith for his vital information and knowledge with this

document including club history details.

Thank you also to Daniel Bryant for his collation of Referee statistics.

While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this publication,

anomalies will arise from time to time. Please contact the editor if you have any

information which can assist in ensuring these records are true and accurate.

Download document below:

2022 First Division Season Statistics Guide (FINAL)
Download PDF • 3.75MB

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