• Dimitri Peppas

2022 SA Honours Document

A collation of historical data from the South Australian competitions, including Mens, Womens and Juniors competitions up to the end of the 2022 season.

This publication is not an official document of Football SA and is sorely that of the editor.

Over the years I have track down a few more entries to add to this document, including referees as far back as the early 1900s and Player of the Match for Grand Finals and Cup, but still have alot of missing records to find and complete.

The editor of this document obtained the information from sources including the South Australian Soccer Federation / Football SA Year Books, collated using previous newspaper

editions at the State Library and Trove online.

Blank sections means that the editor has been unable to find the official information.

The editor would like to thank those people who have recorded past statistical information and made this information public to be able to access the information.

Some data was updated due to information researched by Dimitri Peppas and Tony Smith, that was found to be missing or incorrect in previous official documentation.

Download the document here:

South Australian Football Honours (2022)
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