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  • Dimitri Peppas

Round 21 NPLSA Preview

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The action is heating up in the National Premier League – SA competition as we head into Round 21, with only two round remaining.

2021 - Competition Kit - Round 21
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Adelaide Blue Eagles have been relegated, with four sides, Croatia, Cumberland, Adelaide United and Croydon, all mathematically a chance to be relegated.

Adelaide Croatia Raiders vs Campbelltown City

Fri 10 Sep - 7:00PM

Croatian Sports Centre, Gepps Cross

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

73 meetings (Croatia 31 wins, Camp 25 wins, Draws 17)

H2H - First Div League @ CSC (1980-2021)

18 meetings (Croatia 7 wins, Camp 7 wins, Draws 4)

This is a huge match for Croatia, a loss and Cumberland securing at least 1 point, will see the side relegated for the second time in five seasons, something this proud club will be aiming not to achieve. Campbelltown are hanging onto a top six spot, but have the luxury of having a game in hand. They also could finish the season as high as second mathematically.

Croatia last defeated Campbelltown at Croatian Sports Centre in first division league back in R23, 2015.

Adelaide United vs Adelaide Comets

Sat 11 Sep - 2:30PM

Jack Smith Park, Novar Gardens

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

11 meetings (Adel Utd 3 wins, Comets 7 wins, Draws 1)

H2H - First Div League @ JSP (1980-2021)

First meeting

A win by Comets will see the side finishing in the top two which provides them with double chance in the Finals Series. Adelaide United not only are playing for relegation survival, but they have a chance to sneak into the Top 6 if they can secure wins in both their remaining matches.

Adelaide City vs South Adelaide

Sat 11 Sep - 3:00PM

Adelaide City Park, Oakden

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

11 meetings (Adel City 9 wins, Draws 2)

H2H - First Div League @ ACP (1980-2021)

5 meetings (Adel City 5 wins)

South Adelaide came away with a huge come from behind 3-2 win over Blue Eagles last week, and are in the box seat to secure a top 6 playoff berth. A win by Adelaide City, and a lose or draw by Comets, will see City secure the Premiership.

South Adelaide have never defeated Adelaide City in first division league competition.

Adelaide Blue Eagles vs Croydon

Sat 11 Sep - 3:00PM

Marden Sports Complex, Marden

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

68 meetings (Blue Eagles 27 wins, Croydon 21 wins, Draws 20)

H2H - First Div League @ Marden (1980-2021)

14 meetings (Blue Eagles 5 wins, Croydon 6 wins, Draws 3)

Blue Eagles were relegated for the second time in four seasons, after their shock 3-2 loss at South Adelaide last weekend after leading 2-0. Croydon can still mathematically get relegated, but they also have a good chance in securing a top 6 finals spot.

Sturt Lions vs Cumberland United

Sat 11 Sep - 3:00PM

West Beach Centre

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

1 meeting (Sturt 1 win)

H2H - First Div League @ WBC (1980-2021)

First Meeting

Another big match up this weekend, with Cumberland looking to cause an upset which will allow them to secure NPLSA status for season 2022. Sturt had a huge away victory midweek over Campbelltown City, and are a chance to finish in third spot which secures them a home finals match.

Adelaide Olympic vs MetroStars

Sat 11 Sep - 6:00PM

Parks Football Centre

H2H - First Div League (1980-2021)

23 meetings (Olympic 6 wins, MetroStars 15 wins, Draws 2)

H2H - First Div League @ Parks (1980-2021)

5 meetings (Olympic 3 wins, MetroStars 2 wins)

Despite sitting in seventh spot, Olympic have a higher chance in finishing in a finals position as they have a game in hand, so a victory over MetroStars will go a long way in trying to finish in third spot. MetroStars finally secured a victory midweek over Croydon after being winless in their past five matches, which saw them achieve only two points out of 15, and slipping back to third spot.

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