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West Stay Top, As Inter Beat City

West Adelaide continued their winning ways, with a 3-0 victory over Adelaide Comets at TK Shutter Reserve in Round 16 of the Women’s National Premier League – SA competition.

Christie Hillyer scored the third quickest goal of the season, when after 63 seconds, she tapped past Comets keeper Claudia Jenkins, who wants able to hold onto the ball after Nicole Tilley’s original shot.

West Adelaide made it 2-0 when Hillyer played a through ball to Mawa Sumaoro, who was met by Jenkins outside the 18 yard box, but Jenkins collided with her defender Elyse Moon, and Sumaoro had an open goal to walk the ball into the net.

After half time, Tilley, who was playing her 200th match, nearly made it 3-0 when her quick free kick just went over the cross bar. But it didn’t take long for Tilley to have her goal, moments later she scored an incredible goal from outside the 18 yard box from the right win.

Salisbury Inter secured a strong 2-0 victory over Adelaide City at Adelaide City Park, with Maria Rojas Pino scoring her 15th goal of the season. Just after half time, a corner found Rojas Pino left unmarked at the back of the 6 yard box, and she slotted past Kendall Jenner with ease.

Erin Hood sealed the win, when she was played through by Rojas Pino, and she turned her defender inside out, and slotted past Jenner after 76 minutes

Fulham United shocked Football SA NTC, with a 2-0 victory as the side clinched their second win for the season. Natasha Vella was first to score after 67 minuites, when her shot went under the Football SA NTC keeper.

Ten minutes later, Mia Lundquist’s cross found Fiona Worts on the penalty spot, with her shot firing past Natalie Hayman in goals for Fulham.

Laura Stockdale’s cracker goal gave Metro United a vital point, as they drew 1-1 with Adelaide University at Parks Football Centre.

Margarita Fitzharris gave Adelaide University the lead after 20 minutes, when she beat Isabella Scalzi, and slotted the ball through the legs of Metro keeper Melanie Comyns.

Stockdale scored a cracker of a goal, when her shot from the left wing outside the 18 yard box smashed over the head of Uni keeper Aimee Benton, which gave Metro the equaliser.


Adelaide University 1 (Fitzharris 20)

Metro United 1 (Stockdale 66)

Fulham United 2 (Vella 67, Worts 77)

Football SA NTC 0

West Adelaide 3 (Hillyer 1, Sumaoro 17, Tilley 53)

Adelaide Comets 0

Adelaide City 0

Salisbury Inter 2 (Rojas Pino 48, Hood 76)

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