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WNPLSA R15 Preview

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Round 15 of the Womens National Premier League - SA competition kicks off this Friday night as Metro United meet Adelaide Comets for the second time in four days in their clash at The Parks.

Image - Maria Jose Rojas takes on West Adelaide's Emily Hodgson

Metro United vs Adelaide Comets

Fri 13 Aug - 6:15PM

Parks Football Centre, Angle Park

Referee – David Mulady

Head to Head League (2011-2021)

7 meetings (Metro 5 wins, Comets 1 win, Draws 1)

Head to Head League @ Parks (2011-2021)

3 meetings (Metro 2 wins, Draws 1)

These two sides meet for the second time in four days, after their Cup Semi Final match mid week, where Metro United made it through to the Final with a 2-1 victory over Comets. Adelaide Comets have won the most fouls this season with 104 fouls won at an average of 8 per match. Comets will be looking to put behind their Semi Final loss, plus the surprise loss to Fulham United last weekend.

Football SA NTC vs Salisbury Inter

Fri 13 Aug - 8:15PM

Parks Football Centre, Angle Park

Referee – Gary Mooney

Head to Head League (2011-2021)

10 meetings (FSA 4 wins, Inter 4 wins, Draws 2)

Head to Head League @ Parks (2011-2021)

10 meetings (FSA 4 wins, Inter 4 wins, Draws 2)

Inter were unable to break through for victory last weekend against West Adelaide to secure top spot, and will be wary that they need to keep winning to keep in touch with Westies. Salisbury Inter have had the most shots at goal, with 205 shots with an average of 16 shots at goal per game. Salisbury Inter have scored 13 goals from corner play, so the young NTC will need to keep an eye on the corner set plays. NTC have only won one league match in their past six fixtures.

Adelaide City vs Adelaide University

Sat 14 Aug - 2:30PM

Adelaide City Park, Oakden

Referee – Andrew Citti

Head to Head League (2011-2021)

25 meetings (Adel City 16 wins, Adel Uni 6 wins, Draws 3)

Head to Head League @ ACP (2011-2021)

1 meeting (Adel City 1 win)

Adelaide City’s Chelsie Dawber leads the goalscoring charts with 15 goals, including three hat tricks this season. Adelaide University put on a good showing as they defeated NTC 4-1 last round, with returning player Stella Rigon marshalling the troops. Adelaide City will be hoping to redeem themselves after their 4-0 loss to Inter midweek in the Cup Semi Finals. Adelaide City have won 7 of last 9 First Division league matches against Adelaide University.

West Adelaide vs Fulham United

Sat 14 Aug - 5:15PM

TK Shutter Reserve, Klemzig

Referee – David Mulady

Head to Head League (2011-2021)

20 meetings (West Adel 16 wins, Fulham 2 wins, Draws 2)

Head to Head League @ TKS (2011-2021)

1 meeting (West Adel 1 win)

Its first vs last as West Adelaide hosts Fulham at Klemzig. This will be a mammoth task for Fulham hoping to win their second match in a row against a West Adelaide side barely missed a step this season, and is averaging a league best 10 shots on target at goal.

Competition Media Kit:

2021 - WNPL - Competition Kit - Round 15
Download PDF • 866KB

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